Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy One Year!

It has been the best year of my life. I love you, Benjamin!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

October pics

Playing with Mama-his little, shy smile!
His big smile!
He looks so cool in his shoes from Uncle Steve and Aunt Jamie!!!
He loves to stand and climb up us. This outfit is brought to you by Aunt Michelle! His bum is adorable in it!
I guess some would say it is never too soon to start him on Mountain Dew! He loved looking at this cup. He grabbed the straw on his own and pulled it up to his mouth. P.S. These are my favorite 'jamas of his-thanks, Cousin Diana!

Kicking back on the couch wearing the outfit from his Grandma Yellow for the first time! (I can't believe you are his grandma, Mom!) Chunky legs!
He is as stylish as Uncle KB Joe!
This one is dedicated to Uncle Ta Ta. Miss you, big guy!
Look how well he is doing at grabbing and holding on to things. He was strong enough to pull the giraffe off its velcro attachment. He is holding the blue giraffe by its tail as he goes for the orange giraffe.

None of these pictures are the best in and of themselves. I mainly write this blog to keep family and friends updated on Edison's growth (not that many remember to check it very often). I would be sad if they never saw him in the clothes they have given him.


Edison does not like Counting Crows. They make him cry! Apparently, he is a fan of Better Than Ezra, though.

Edison is now eating two and a half to three hours apart (meaning if he eats at1, he will eat again between 3:30-4) and only for 40 minutes at a time. From birth to this week, he ate two hours apart for one hour. This makes a huge difference. I really enjoy it!

Edison and I ran our first errand without Ben. We got Ben a birthday present last Friday. It was exhilarating!

We celebrated Ben's birthday this past weekend with his parents. We had a lot of fun! They seem to love Eddie, and he really loves them (they got lots of smiles!). We feel blessed that they are willing to make the 13-hour drive to see us just for a weekend!

Edison rolled over twice this past weekend-from back to stomach. He was laying on our bed, devouring his hands. He rolled so he could get at his hands more voraciously. He doesn't know he did it. He hasn't tried to do it again. Ben says it doesn't count because it was on the bed, which made it a lot easier for him. I think it counts for something, though. He does enjoy when I roll him over.

I need to start packing things for Edison to do when we go places. Church was hard on Sunday because the woman in front of us had long hair. He loves hair and tried to get hers. We wouldn't let him grab it. He got upset. We took him outside, but he wouldn't stop screaming. We ended up leaving early. I am starting to see what people meant when they said it would just get harder.

Ben and Eddie have been suffering from colds this week, Ben especially. Eddie hasn't been too bad-just coughing, sneezing, and acting fussier than normal. I'm used to being the one to bring sicknesses home (teaching Kindergarten). It is odd for Ben to start something.

I just began reading East of Eden by Steinbeck. I really like it thus far. Here's a quote I like: "They called him a comical genius and carried his stories carefully home, and they wondered at how the stories spilled out on the way, for they never sounded the same repeated in their own kitchens."

Edison is telling me it is time to stop. Love you all!