Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Our First Family Bowling

On Friday we took Eddie and Peter bowling for the first time. We had a ton of fun! Peter can't stop talking about those "heavy, heavy balls". He somehow knew they were heavy before we got there, though, because he was talking about them on the way there.
Waiting while Dad got everything set up. Look at his beautiful eyes!

The ball return is loud and kinda scared Eddie and Peter, though Peter would try to shove the balls back down it.

Boy, is that ball heavy!

So excited to see what will happen! And he got a strike on his very first time! Sometimes Eddie would jump up and down while he would wait to see how many pins would be knocked over on any of our turns. Eddie did opt to just roll the ball down the lane one time.
Peter needed help carrying the ball, obviously.

Both boys are so curious about what will happen!

Look at that happy boy! After Peter would bowl, he would lean forward and touch the ground with the palms of his hands, then he would prance around with his pointer fingers on his dimples, smiling. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this.

Both Eddie and Peter want to go back soon. They have been playing online bowling all weekend.

Playing With Friends

Eddie is growing up, folks. Remember this little shy guy who balked at any outside attention? Now he approaches every child he sees in public. One day he saw a boy and a girl, two years older than him, playing by our house while we were arriving home from somewhere. He immediately approached them and played with them for a bit. After that they began to come to our house, twice daily, to see if he could play with them. The first time they came over it was 8:30 p.m., long after Eddie had gone to bed. The next morning they came back, and Eddie opted to go outside to play. I set some strict restrictions on where they could play, and I watched from the window the entire time (Eddie's only four!). I thought it might bother E that I was watching, but he saw me and waved and signed "I love you" and kept looking up to make sure I was watching. He even continuously talked to me, requiring me to open the window. The kids did an excellent job following my rules. Eddie had them all playing firefighter in no time. I can't believe how big Eddie is and how much more comfortable he has become with other people. He is not a bossy friend, but he is an instigator in what to play. I am so proud of him.

As an update, Eddie has never gone back out to play with these kids. They kept coming over for two weeks to ask but have now given up on him. We are all fine with this; there will be plenty of years of playing with friends when Eddie is older. (And it's not like Eddie doesn't have organized playdates with friends we know!)