Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Peter Said

At bedtime I was singing Eddie and Peter a song about a train coming down a track. Peter interrupted me and said: "You mean "hell of a track", Mommy!"

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Blessing Day

Creegan was blessed on Sunday, February 6, 2011. He wore the same outfit Eddie and Peter wore on their blessing days. It barely snapped over his crotch (E and P were blessed younger). The world celebrated by holding the Super Bowl.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bathtub Pics

Creegan takes baths in the bathroom sink.

How lucky am I to be the recipient of these smiles and loving looks!

He may be smiling at himself in the mirror.

He loves sticking out his tongue at us and having us mimic him.

Creegan at Three Months

This kid is such a delight. He started out as my most difficult baby (acid reflux, crying for no reason I could understand, pyloric stenosis,), but now he is so easy. He is really calm. Everyone who holds him comments on how still and calm he is. He spends his first hour every day just chillin' on the floor. He is then ready for his nap. He falls asleep while laying his head on my shoulder while I burp him hard. It has to be hard (Ben's really embarrassed about how loud it is when we are in public places). Creegan absolutely does not let you sit down when he's tired or fussy, so a rocking chair is a definite waste of space. He's beginning to enjoy watching his brothers. If he can see Eddie or Peter while he is supposed to be eating, forget it; he'll stop eating so he can smile non-stop at them. He doesn't like loud noises; he is more jumpy than Peter was but less jumpy than Eddie. He loves his Dad, and his Dad loves him. He loves playing in his bouncy seat. He has learned that hitting the bird makes it spin. He can grab and hold the other toys. He's just a lot of fun. I've never enjoyed having a baby this much; it's probably all the difficulties we've been through with him. We call him "The Creeg-Meister" or "Creeg", but Peter reminds us constantly that his name is "Creegan". We love our little Creegan.

Li'l Shoes

We've had these adorable shoes for all of our boys, thanks to Uncle Steve and Aunt Jamie. I realized the other day that we almost missed our opportunity for Creegan to wear them. This boy has big feet! I love this picture, with his tongue sticking out. His hand almost looks like it's in his pocket.

Cute Church Boys

My mom sent us some blazers and ties my brothers wore as children. Eddie LOVES them! When he saw himself in the mirror, he said, "If I had less hair, I would look like Dad!".

Handsome Peter!
Cute Creegan; tired and cute.