Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peter's First Year-In Pictures

May 4-two days old-Welcome home, Peter! We love you!
June 19-one month-I can't believe how little Peter was! Look at those adorable little features!
July 5-two months-What a cute little bottom and tiny little toes!
beginning of August-three months-Peter loves his mommy! What a precious smile!
September 25-four months-Peter loves to pull blankets on to his head!
October 19-five months-Peter loves baths!
November 1-six months-What a happy, smiley boy Peter is!
December 7-seven months-Peter's sitting up more confidently.

January 15-eight months-Peter's pulling himself up on things
February 27-nine months-What beautiful eyes Peter has!

March 16-ten months-Peter has his top two teeth!

April 8-11 months-Peter loves to play!

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! I have loved watching Peter grow and develop. I am so happy to be his mom!!! I can't imagine being a mom without Peter. He has made motherhood more fun and more fulfilling. My heart is so full of love for him and gratitude to Heavenly Father for giving him to me.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today I started a summer job at American Express. That morning I was walked from the door of the department to my cubicle and introduced to my trainer/cubicle mate, whom I would spend roughly 640 working hours with that summmer. I remember he had to remove headphones he wore on the back of his head and turn from his computer in order to be introduced to me. He never turned back to his computer that day. The training began immediately. He took me to get a file that needed keying, talked me through keying it, then observed me keying files all day long. Each person that came to our cubicle that day complimented him on his haircut. From their surprised reactions, I assumed his hair must have been really long. I couldn't really get a feel for who he was; he wasn't easy to read. I never would have imagined that, ten years from that day, I would be his wife, that we would have the two most perfect little boys together, and that I would be so happy all because of him. I love you, Ben!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Basket

Eddie found his basket in our scripture basket. He picked out each item one at a time, starting with the candy.
He took a bite of each then laid them on the windowsill in a nice long row.
Peter was able to grab candy and thus got a bite of chick peep
and a chocolate Easter bunny.
When Eddie pulled out his new ball toy, we went out to play.
We had a lot of fun. Too bad it was so hard to pull the ball off the velcro mitt.
We did a little Easter egg hunt around the front yard. Eddie only likes "choc-it" candy.

We had a very fun Easter.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Eddie was much more interested in coloring Easter eggs this year than he was least year. He simply dipped an egg in each of the six colors. He didn't want to do anything fancy.

Peter enjoyed playing with plastic Easter eggs while we worked. It was the only chance he had to play with them when Eddie didn't take them away or smash them.
Neither Peter nor Eddie want to eat hard boiled eggs, though. I don't blame them!

Peter's Learning

Peter's learned to do cheers (he really hits the cup hard!),
give fives (he thinks this is so much fun),
and talk on the phone. He has also learned to clap and throw balls really well, but I haven't gotten great pictures yet. He is so much fun!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chef Eddie

For my birthday Eddie and I received aprons from my mom. Eddie's is adorned with cats-his favorite! Ever since we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner on my birthday, Eddie likes to pretend he is a chef (he could see the chef in the kitchen cooking with fire!).

Eddie is as excited about my birthday present as I am. He loves to uses "Mom's mixer". He has always loved all things kitchen. I love my little chef!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"B is for Bear"

Peter is really into reading right now. Whenever he gets his hands on a book, he gives it to me and waits for me to read it. The other day he held a book, looked at the pages, and said "bah, bah, bah", like he was reading! Every night we read "B is for Bear" before bed. He often giggles when I pull it off the bookshelf because he is so excited to read it. Here are some pictures of him reading "B is for Bear" on his own.


Eddie always puts his Easter bucket on his head like a helmet. When Peter got his hands on the bucket, he put it right on his head. He was a little worried when he couldn't get it off.

Picnic on the Floor

We enjoyed a picnic on the floor during the first session of General Conference. Once Eddie got over the fact that the picnic wasn't going to be outside, he loved it. Peter was so excited about sitting in his booster seat on the floor. He loved that his feet could touch the floor. He loved that he could reach a lot of things he dropped. We had a lot of fun and would like to make this picnic a tradition.


Eddie's so into cutting right now, but so not into me taking his picture.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Birthday Photos

In light of my birthday, I thought it would be fun to look back on my birthday pictures throughout the years. I couldn't find a picture of my eleventh birthday, so I stopped at my tenth. Maybe I will finish this project later; maybe not.
the day I was born (actually this was a couple of days after I was born, April 4, 1980)
April 2, 1981- one year old
April 2, 1982-two years old
April 2, 1983-three years old; this is the first birthday I have memories of
April 2, 1984-four years old and a Big Wheel
April 2, 1985-five years old and the chicken pox!
April 2, 1986-six years old with my "break doll", Elizabeth
April 2, 1987-seven years old, sporting my new watch
April 2, 1988-eight years old-birthday party; we had licked speckled eggs and used them as lipstick; I got the bike for my birthday.
this was officially the end of March, Easter Sunday (we celebrated early, as my mom was about to have a baby), 1989-nine years old-gotta love my Debbie Gibson tape!
April 2, 1990-10 years old

Happy birthday to me!