Monday, April 18, 2011

Peter's Potty Training, Take One

Last Monday Peter ran out of diapers. I had purposefully not purchased more diapers for him. So began the potty training.
He'd chosen a potty treat, mini candybars. We learned very quickly that Peter has excellent bladder control. He can hold his pee for over 24 hours. He doesn't even pee in his sleep! Peter is also very determined, which I already knew. I tried everything: obviously candy, sticker charts, grab bags, offers to take him wherever he wanted to go, and offers to take him to the store to buy a toy. He wouldn't go for any of these things. He wouldn't pee on a kix or an icecube, in his underwear while sitting on the toilet. He wouldn't pee from putting his hands in warm water, giving him a bath, pouring water on his penis (and he hated me for that one). He fought peeing on a tree. We had a super hard week, and I gave up. I would much rather have him peeing and pooping in a diaper than not at all.
We went to the store to buy diapers, and the cheapest option was pink princess pull-ups. They were $10 cheaper than their blue Toy Story counterparts. So he's rockin' the pull-ups for now. We'll try again in a month...

Backwards Boy

Creegan now scoots backwards. It began last Wednesday. I laid him on the rug and turned my back for a few minutes. When I looked again he was on the opposite side of the rug. He lifts his bum and then seems to push himself back with his arms. He can get across the room like this.
Stinkin' cute!

See how upright he now holds his upper body.

See him lift his bum up.

Sleeping on Daddy

Love that smooshy face!

Creeg's "Pinky"

Creegan now takes a pacifier!!! He's pretty particular about when he'll take it. He can't be hungry at all. He can't be too tired. It absolutely can't be during the night. His face must be pressed up against my chest. If conditions are perfect, he will take it and fall right to sleep. If it falls out, though, he wakes up immediately. It is great, though! I get to feed him less, and there are less times where he is crying and I can't do anything about it. Yay! Eddie and Peter call it his "pinky" cuz they think that that's what it's called on Megamind; I am pretty sure they are saying binky, though.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Eddie's Appendectomy

Eddie woke up on Saturday, March 26, feeling nauseous. He spent that day and the next throwing up. On Monday morning he woke up and acted fine. He had an appetite. We went about our normal activities. During dinner on Monday he began to look nauseous again. I told him not to eat if his tummy hurt. He went and laid down on the couch. He was eager to go to bed soon after. He woke up at 11 p.m. and threw up. Tuesday morning he still felt sick. He told me his right side hurt. I didn't think anything of it. He didn't mention it again until 3 p.m. He began to have a fever. Ben and I worried but thought we were being paranoid as we researched appendicitis online. By dinner time, Eddie was in so much pain if he moved at all. This is when we knew something was wrong. Ben took him to urgent care at 7:30 p.m. I stayed home with Peter and Creegan since Creegan breastfeeds.

Urgent care said there's nothing it could be besides appendicitis and sent Ben and Eddie to the ER for a CT Scan. Eddie had to have an enema that he had to hold in during the scan. He did great. The scan confirmed appendicitis, and they were told they would operate that night. The surgeon came in at 4 a.m. They were taken to the surgical waiting room at 4:30. The pictures were taken by Ben's camera phone on their way to the surgical waiting room. Another more pressing surgery came in, though, and Eddie had to wait until 6:30 a.m.

The surgery was done by 7:30. During the surgery the surgeon learned that Eddie's appendix had begun to rupture. An abscess had formed by the opening in his appendix, keeping the fluids in the appendix. It was a blessing.

Eddie's hospital recovery was slow. It took a long time for his stomach to "wake up" and begin working again. We were released from the hospital on Sunday, April 3. He's getting better each day. We are so proud of Eddie. He's been so brave about doing a lot of scary things! We learned from this experience that we can do really hard things. We hope we're done with the really hard stuff, though!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

My Five-Month-Old

Now he's eating the sign.

What a beautiful baby.