Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creegan Update

Creegan loves to eat his hands. Sometimes it's just his thumb he has in his mouth.
Sidenote: his hair if finally getting longer. I am surprised by how strawberry blond it looks in these pictures.

Creegan learned to roll over, from back to stomach at the first of the week (March 13) and from stomach to back at the end of the week (March 19). I remember my other boys taking awhile to utilize this knowledge but not Creegan.
A favorite position of Creeg's, lower body all the way rolled over and upper body on his side. I realized he likes to breastfeed in this position, as well.

He loves, loves, loves eating cloth, his shirt or any material he can get his hands on.
We tried out his excersaucer. He's not a huge fan, but it doesn't help that his brother doesn't leave him alone while he's in it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disney World, March 2011

the shuttle was a highlight

Eddie likes to salute in pictures.

My cute babies

I love my boys!

Creegan did great in his carrier. I am proud of myself; I never imagined I would be brave enough for a trip like this with a four-month-old. I wouldn't have been with the first two.

Aarrggh!! Free pirate hats. Score!

C didn't spend much time in here, but Peter did.

Ticklish because of the sunscreen Ben's trying to apply

my beautiful boys

How Eddie dressed himself for church

What Eddie Said

Eddie heard Ben telling me how odd it was that our van hadn't broken down since we'd filled it with gas. He said, "Dad, that's not odd; it's great!".

Creegan at Four Months

I like this picture because you can see how active he was.