Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 was spent at William's and Michelle's house in Hinesville, Georgia, a four hour drive from our house in Tally. Brent's family joined us from Pittsburgh(a decision made the Sunday before Thanksgiving).
Michelle, my sister-in-law, had the kids make these adorable placemats.
Eddie liked the rolls, mashed potatoes, and jigglers. Peter slept through the meal. Ben gave him a plate when he woke up. I missed it as I was on a walk. I feel very sad to miss Peter eating his first Thanksgiving food. Ben said he ate everything.

Cousin pics-I just had to put all these pics, mainly cuz Eddie is so adorable in every single one!
Eddie, so cheesy; Peter, so anxious.
E, still cheesy; Abs, "give me that bottle!"
I love Eddie! He just never gives up on smiling in this photo shoot.
Now we are beginning to make faces. If you keep looking, you will see even Peter gets into it!

We are a happy family, despite Ben's new horn.

I love my brothers. I am so happy I was able to spend Thanksgiving with them. This week just made me miss Mark, Tom, and Kaleb. And William and Brent, too, as I see them so rarely. I have the best family and I came from the best family! Who could ask for anything more?!?
Our first Christmas present.
Opening it together!

Peter, Peter

Peter's beautiful happy smile. (He's always holding one or two cars or trains).
He actually looks like he has a potbelly here, which is abnormal. I was taking pictures because his belly looked so huge during and after his bath.
I think he may have been coming in for a kiss. I don't remember, but he is cracking up. I see this happy little face all the time, and I want to remember it forever!

First Time to Fall Asleep on the Couch

I tried for over an hour to get him to sleep in his bed at nap time. He refused, and I was SO sick. I gave up. He fell asleep on the couch while watching tv.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bathtub Pics

Just because my kids are so cute naked!

The Phone, the Phone is Ringing!

Pete-ch likes to pretend he is on the phone. He is adorable because he cocks his head to the side while he talks, though you can't see that here.
He is frustrated that I am taking a picture. It's hard to tell that he's not wiping his eyes. He is actually holding his hands to the sides of his eyes. He does this every time he's frustrated.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Chinny Chin Chin

Some nights Peter refuses to go to sleep at bedtime (or he goes to sleep just to wake up soon after). I try to get him back to sleep, but sometimes he refuses. Eventually I get him up when I am worried his screaming will wake Edison. I know he shouldn't be up, but Ben and I end up having a lot of fun with Peter. He really likes having his Mommy and Daddy to himself. We enjoy it, too. The night I took this picture, he was playing on our bed. He pulled the covers up and wasn't satisfied until they were under his chin. We love our fun and funny little boy!

Where's Peter?

The other night I couldn't find Peter. I'd poured him a bowl of dry cereal (great dinner, eh?), and I was going to put him in his booster seat to eat. While I searched the house, he found his cereal and took it with him to eat under the slide that had a blanket draped on top. Eventually he responded to his name, and I let him finish his dinner under the slide. My cute, silly boy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Fun

Pinata at a Halloween party
Peter was first to go and couldn't figure out what he was supposed to do. He kept tapping the bat on the ground. By his second turn, he'd figured out the objective.

Maze at a pumpkin patch
Eddie successfully led us through twice. Here we are stopped at a dead end.

Picking out a carving pumpkin

We ended up buying these toys for Peter since he'd already put them in his mouth.

Carving a pumpkin
Eddie and Peter weren't all that interested in getting their hands messy. Peter tried putting his hand in the pumpkin once. Eddie wouldn't.
Traditional stew and breadsticks dinner

Ben was a vampire; his was last minute. He only dressed up because Eddie said it would be fun if Dad dressed up as something scary.
Peter was Tigger. He initially didn't like wearing his costume. He didn't mind it by Halloween, though, and even asked to have it on after Halloween was over.
Eddie was a black cat, my idea. He liked it initially, though, the day of Halloween he kept mentioning other things he would like to be (a robot, a firefighter, something scary). I will let him choose next year. He's on a kick of wearing his rain boots everywhere! They go well with the costume!I was a black cat, too, cuz it's easy. Eddie was more excited about wearing his cat costume when he found out I'd be one, too.