Friday, June 29, 2007

Classroom Blues

I have been feeling a little melancholy this week. Today was the official last day of school. I can't believe I have been away for a whole year. I feel like I just walked out of my classroom. Like I pushed pause, but I could hit play at any moment. Talking to a fellow teacher made me realize that things have gone forward without me. My classroom is no longer mine. I missed a whole group of kids. They started their first year of school and ended it, and I wasn't there. Someone else hugged them. Someone else listened to their stories. Someone else worried about them. Someone else took them to the zoo. Someone else sharpened their pencils. Someone else made their little graduation caps. Someone else will miss them.

I used to miss teaching every day. I used to dream about it most nights. I used to feel really sad. It is easier now. The teacher schedule got overshadowed by the mommy routine. I have so much fun playing with, loving, and caring for Eddie that my heart has been full, my mind has been busy, and my body tired. I wouldn't change what I do every day for anything. Yet I can't shake the classroom blues.

I am so blessed to have had a job that was more than a job--it was a part of me. And now I am blessed to be Eddie's mom!


Eddie has got a great smile for flying in the air in Daddy's arms! His face is looking more and more like the face of a little boy! Where did my baby go?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Balloon Ghost

Eddie went to his first birthday party on Saturday. His friend, Alex, turned two. Eddie loved the balloons the best. We tied this one to his wrist. He loved to have us hand it to him so he could let it go. For his birthday we are definitely giving him helium balloons!

I don't know if this picture demonstrates it as well as I thought it would, but it is very hard to take pictures of Edison. His skin is so white that he ends up looking like Casper in a lot of his pictures. When the picture is small enough, his nose is virtually nonexistent. Note: his sippy cup hooked into his overalls on accident when he went from crawling position to getting up on his knees.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Make-Up Work

It seems kind of lame at this point, but I was enjoying posting the daily pics of Edison. I am going to post the days I missed. Just for fun! It will also show some of the fun things we did with my family while they were here.

This picture was from last Wednesday (June 13). Eddie has been spending a lot of time sitting on his knees. I am amazed that it is comfortable to him. He looks cute. In this picture we are at my brother's house (the one that lives near Savannah, GA).

On Thursday, June 14, Eddie went miniature golfing for the first time. He loved eating the ball every time I wasn't using it. At first he was nice about giving it back to me when I needed it. Eventually, he wasn't keen on that!

Eddie's feet in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, June 15. He loved having the water splash over his legs! Maybe I will post the video later.

This picture demonstrates a lot of things-Eddie's love for his baby songs dvd, his newfound love for teddy bears, and his first experience at being possessive. Eddie was standing at the tv, dancing to the music. Kyle, his two-year-old cousin you can see in the corner of the photo, went up to join him. As soon as Kyle had his hands up on the tv stand, Eddie swatted them away and went right back to dancing! He is growing up!

Reading his first newspaper at Six Flags on Monday. Notice the print smudge on his nose! Luckily none of our limbs were severed while we were there!

So sleepy on our way to lunch on Tuesday. I see Eddie do this many times a day, but to those of you who are fans from afar may like to see how sweet he is when he is tired!

On Thursday I took Eddie swimming for the first time. He sat in a baby floatey thing in the water. He loved kicking his legs in it (and having me kick them for him). He also loved watching his ball pop up out of the water after I dunked it under. It was hard to get pics of these things, though, as Ben wasn't with us. Here he is playing with a bucket on the steps.

Enough for now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dust Bunnies

My family is coming to visit for a week. They will land in Atlanta in less than three hours. Since I only dust sporadically, I figured this might be a good opportunity. Eddie was very keen on the duster, so I gave it to him. He was sincerely very helpful at dusting the bottom of the computer desk. As you can see here, he left nothing undusted (not even the inside of the printer!). Afterwards he went on to dust all the clean laundry, the couch, his books, the tv, and even me! It looks like he has his first official chore.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Banana Baby

It looks like Ben's fear that eating a banana in public may make him look like a monkey is actually coming true for his son. Eddie loves his bananas, and he seems almost monkey-like as he scarfs the whole banana down in one sitting. He will eat banana pieces but prefers taking bites off the banana. He pushes the banana as far back in his mouth as it will go before biting off a huge piece. I had a hard time selecting which picture to post-the one where he is smiling huge as he holds the banana, the one where he is smooshing banana in his fist, the one where he is trying to share his banana with the camera. I finally went for the one that showcases him trying to swallow the big banana bite. His eyes get big. He puts his chin to his chest. He purses his lips. He reaches out for me just in case this is the time he is unsuccessful at getting it down. And then the banana slides down his throat. His big monkey cheeks shrink back to normal size, and he is on to the next bite.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Daily Pictures

As Eddie gets older, I have noticed that I take less pictures of him. Rather than getting out the camera almost every day, I get it out several times a month. He does such cute things every day. I don't want to miss the action. For the month of June, I have set a goal to take a picture of Edison every day. I haven't quite made it, but I have done better. Now I have pictures of him doing the things he does every day, like play in the dishwasher. Seeing how this blog has become (or, I guess, always was) dedicated to pictures of Edison, I might as well perpetuate the problem by posting some of the cute daily pictures. It will help you, family and friends, see what Eddie is doing and how he is changing. Of course, I would like to post a picture every day, but we all know that won't happen. I do quite often have ideas of blogs I could write, but blogging never seems to be my top priority. Maybe some day...

But for today, here is Eddie "eating" his first tomato. He loved it so much he gave us one of his famous "scrunchy-face smiles" (he starting smiling like this when he was eight months old; I am not sure where he got it, but we love it!).