Saturday, May 30, 2009

"A Simple Recipe"

Here's a video of Eddie reciting a poem from the Friend magazine. He loves this poem! Back in March, he could recite practically the whole thing by himself. I have included the poem so you can tell what he is saying (he gets pretty camera-shy when making movies).

Jane Lamb, “A Simple Recipe,” Friend, Mar 2009, 27

I know a simple recipe that anyone can make.
It isn’t for an apple pie; it isn’t for a cake.
You need not stir in sugar. Don’t add a pinch of salt.
It isn’t for a cookie. It isn’t for a malt.
It comes from Heavenly Father, who watches from above.
You start with just your family; add kindness, faith, and love.
Throw in some joy and laughter, and of course a cup of care.
Don’t forget to add the sharing and a generous dose of prayer.
Make sure you stir it really well, so everyone can see
You’ve made a happy, loving home from this simple recipe.

Peter's New Carseat

I finally changed Peter into his forward-facing carseat. He LOVES it! He is so excited every time we get in the car. He points at everything in the car and out the window. He has a lot to say. It's so fun to turn around and see my two little boys looking at me!

Water Bottles

Peter loves to drink out of our water bottles. As you can see, the water just flows down his chin, showering everyone and everything in the way. When he's done, he puts the lid back on.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thumbs Ups!

Eddie is so stinkin' cute! He gives thumbs up with his pointer fingers and says "Thumbs ups!". We laugh every time but have never gotten a picture until Mark's wedding (and it's blurry). Eddie was "thumbs ups"ing his mac and cheese dinner.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Utah Vacation

We just got back from the best vacation ever. We went to Utah for my brother's wedding. Here are a few pictures highlights.We took Eddie and Peter to the Bountiful Temple to show Eddie where his mom and dad got married. The tulips were lovely. Upon leaving Eddie cried and said, "I don't want to go! The temple is so fun!".
Peter got to experience crawling up stairs and loved every minute of it.
Cousins! Kyle and Jeremy. We met new cousin Rayne, but were so busy holding her that we didn't take any pictures!
My mom became the "grandma with the silly car" because she really drives a yellow Beetle.
Seeing Mark and Trina SOO happy at their wedding. Seriously, if you know Mark, you can see how much happier he is since Trina became part of his life.
I love this picture of my brothers at the wedding (Tom, Brent, Kaleb, and William).
The downtown library! So awesome! Eddie loved it and was disappointed when we had to start going back to the "train library" in Tallahassee.
A very affordable and perfect-sized aquarium. Eddie loved the sharks, and Peter learned to say fish ('sh)!Peter had time to squeeze a few piano lessons in.
Jumping on grandma's tramp.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Peter's First Birthday Fun and Presents

Getting tangled up in crepe paper.
Peter loved playing with his birthday balloons.
Opening his present (look how patient Eddie was being, letting Peter unwrap it! Of course, Eddie did help eventually.).
Peter: What is it?
Eddie: Look what it is! (Eddie helped wrap it.)
Peter loves his present. He plays with it so often and gets really excited and giggly when he sees it. Eddie loves it just as much as Peter, and I love that they can and do play with it together. The perfect birthday gift!
Cuddling his new Sunday shirt from Grandma.
Yum! Packing peanuts!
So adorable!

I could not get those balls open fast enough.

Peter's First Birthday Cake

Because of Peter's love for rubber ducks, I decided to make him a rubber duck birthday cake. It was simple and so fun for Peter.
Eddie put the candles on (and blew them out!).

Peter loved playing with the rubber ducks, but he loved pulling the sprinkles off and eating them even more.
Birthday cake makes Peter so happy.
Sharing some with Mommy.
I let him do whatever he wanted with the cake, but it didn't get too out of control before I took it away and cut it.
This frosting is soooo good! We learned that Peter won't eat cake that doesn't have frosting on it!
Holding a piece of cake (who knows why I wasn't smart enough to take his clothes off before giving him cake!).
Ending the birthday-cake-eating by taking a birthday bath. What a cutie! I love you, Peter Thomas! Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Peter At One Year

Favorite Foods-meats, especially ham; vegetables, especially carrots; yogurt; pizza (he can eat a whole slice!); cheese; scrambled eggs; waffles;
Favorite Toys-balls, cars, rubber ducks; shape sorters; stuffed animals
Favorite Games-peekaboo (he hides his face with washcloths then wants us to do the same); chase (he loves us to carry him and chase after Eddie; he giggles the whole time; he also enjoys us crawling after him, as well as crawling after us);
Favorite things to do-read(he's very often handing me books; he likes to sit on my lap; he points to pictures on each page and talks about them; often he will turn and intently watch my face as I read; he will often take the book from me, just so he can hand it to me again and have me start reading it all over again), take baths(he loves splashing, playing with tub toys, pulling the plug out of the tub drain, and reading-we have a tub book that we read at least ten times during each bath); play on and lay on Mom's and Dad's bed; ride in the stroller (he dives from my arms to the seat of his stroller); dance (he dances every time he hears music, usually dancing is swaying left and right); wash his hands (he gets all giggly if we walk into the bathroom because he knows what's going to happen; he really likes washing his hands because he likes to suck water off his fingers!)
Unique Things-Peter has never responded excitedly to icecream before this week (didn't hate it, but didn't care if he had more or not).
Peter doesn't eat many fruits (strawberries are the only fruit he will eat thus far).
Peter eats an oreo by taking off the cookie and pinching off pieces of cream and eating it; he never eats the cookie!
Peter's really talkative. He has a lot to say about a lot of things. He really gets close to your face, looks into your eyes, and just talks and talks. He can be really loud when he wants something; he doesn't let you ignore him. Ben is always surprised at how loud he cries at night, and he will cry even louder if it's Ben that goes to get him. He wants to really know the names of things; he holds things up to us or points to things and waits for us to name them; he studies our mouths intently while we are telling him the word.
There's really nothing that Peter hates to do or gets upset about doing.
Peter seems to prefer orange or red things (especially orange); he seems to pick up blocks, etc., that are those colors. Things he shows me are very often those colors.
Peter doesn't mind playing by himself some times. He will often crawl into his room and play with toys. If I come by, he will show me what he is doing, but doesn't stop and doesn't mind if I leave the room again.
Peter loves sippy cups and has since he was six months old, though it's only been about a month since he has been able to drink from them.
Teeth-Peter has five teeth-the top two and bottom two, as well as the one to the left of the top middle teeth
Words-Though Peter has said more words than this, the only word he consistently uses correctly is ma ma. Every time he wants something or is upset, he looks for me and says ma ma. If he wakes in the night, he calls out ma ma as he cries. I don't know if ma ma means me or "I need something", but, I guess since I am the one that takes care of his needs, it doesn't really matter. He says da da a lot, too. He uses it for Ben, but also uses it as a naming word for his toys and a sound when he is talking.
Songs-Peter likes to open and close his fist while we sing "Popcorn Popping". Ever since Peter was first born, he has calmed quickly to "Teach Me to Walk in the Light". I sing that, "I am a Child of God", and a song I made up for Eddie when he was a baby ("Mommy loves you") to Peter every night when he goes to sleep. He falls alseep much faster with singing, but with singing these songs in particular.
Sleep-Peter naps twice a day, at 10 a.m. for about 45 minutes and at 4 p.m. for anywhere between an hour to two hours (he often wakes up halfway through this nap). He falls asleep in the car really easily. He goes to bed at 7:30 or 8 p.m. He wakes up many times in the night, I would say an average of five times; the first time is 15 minutes after he goes to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up twice before I go to bed. If I bring him to our bed in the night, he sleeps really well. I am sure he would sleep better if he didn't like breastfeeding so much.