Sunday, September 28, 2008


Eddie recently saw The Piglet Movie (he calls it "the tiger movie"). His favorite part is when all the characters march around while Christopher Robin plays a drum, and they sing a song about going on an expedition. Now Eddie is always marching around, pretending to play a drum, and singing "oh life of a bear, oh eckidition". So cute! See for yourself! Unfortunately you'll just have to imagine him singing.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Camaw and Campaw's Visit

My parents came to visit this week. The excuse was that they currently have two of their children living in Florida. Eddie loved having his "Camaw and Campaw" here. *Not sure why he didn't call them "Grandma and Grandpa" this time, like he has in the past; I did notice that when I said their names together fast, they kind of slurred and sounded more like Eddie's new version.

Here are some pics and such of our adventures.

I don't have any pictures of our first day. We went to the Tallahassee Museum, which is the closest thing Tally has to a zoo. However, that is a terrible comparison. Luckily, Eddie was absolutely thrilled with the place. Beforehand he really wanted to see horses and alligators. TM delivered on both accounts. It was Eddie's first time to see real farm animals. Unfortunately, Eddie couldn't see the alligator (animals really do blend in with their environment). The place mainly consisted of raised walkways that Eddie loved running on while singing. At the end he got tired and sat down every ten feet or so. I was really proud of him, though. He walked a long way. They also had a fun playground with lots of tires, which Eddie is a huge fan of.

The second day we went to Wakulla Springs, which we had been recommended to by several people. Ben was able to join us this day. It didn't disappoint. We had a picnic, played in the springs, rode a boat, and ate icecream. We really felt we were on vacation.
Eddie loved the cool water! And we loved the tiny fish swimming around our toes.

Eddie loved sitting in the water!

Eddie walking down the sidewalk with Daddy, right after playing in the water. Notice the boats in the background.

Eddie's and Peter's first boat ride. Eddie loved the turtles, ducks, and the alligator (yeah!) he saw. The ride was a little long, it was naptime, and he was hungry (no food allowed in the boat)! Peter disregarded this rule and really enjoyed the breastmilk provided-until the photographer, who decided to stand right behind us for the majority of the boat ride, showed up. Then Peter preferred smiling at him. I would like to see the pictures he took!

The third day we drove to the National Wildlife Refuge to see a lighthouse (my mom seeks out lighthouses). St. Mark's Lighthouse is not a lighthouse you can go inside of, which really disappointed Eddie. We had fun playing around it, though. Eddie enjoyed running up and down the porch and climbing the stairs to the lookouts (although he did tell me later that there were "too many stairs").

St. Mark's Lighthouse

Peter was very happy at the lighthouse with his grandma (he hasn't decided on what to call her yet).

Eddie was very distraught at the lighthouse because he couldn't see his "Campaw". He also became distraught when his feet sunk in the mud and he had to be pulled out by my dad. The mud kept one of his shoes. When we pulled it out, sweetly-sensitive Eddie was so upset by how dirty it was. Luckily it's as good as new now.

A sweet picture of Peter sleeping on Grandma's lap.

It was fun to share my boys with my parents. I loved having them here, and, as always, it was really depressing to say goodbye. I have really great parents!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peewee (Eddie's new nickname for Peter)

Peter looks so cute sitting up in his boppy holding his penguin. He seems to love these penguins. He doesn't stay sitting up for long, as you can see in the next picture.

Peter loves to hold his toes.

Peter spends the majority of his day in his sling. He loves it! He gets a lot of toe-playing time in here. He even falls asleep in here when he is tired. If I take the whole sling off with him in it, I can lay him down without waking him up (see the next picture).

Peter looks so sweet clasping his hands in his sleep. *The big red mark on his arm is a mosquito bite. He gets at least one each time we go outside. The bite spot always gets so big.

Peter loves his daddy! He also loves grabbing and holding onto our faces.
Peter often has this inquisitive look on his face. He's just so handsome!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New View

The view from Eddie's and Peter's room. Not too shabby.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peter's a Reader!

Peter's new favorite activity is reading. He especially loves "Baby Faces"; he gets really animated and talkative and reaches for all baby faces in the book. Eddie loves to read to Peter. Eddie starts this book by telling Peter, "It's called "Baby Smiles", Pe'er!". I love my boys!

Please check out Peter's GoodReads for book recommendations! ;)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Peter & Abby

Peter and Abby were reunited last weekend when my brother, Brent, and his wife, Shanda, came for a visit. They live in Orlando now while Brent is interning at Tupperware. Abby was born nine days before Peter. She is smaller than Peter, but appears bigger. She acts much older than Peter; in Peter's defense, nine days is a big deal when you are only four months old! They weren't too interested in each other, mostly because they were distracted by the adults constantly hovering over them. They did like to make contact, though, as you can see in these pictures.
Abby holding Peter's arm. So sweet!

Peter using Abby as a footrest. So resourceful! ;)

Peter checking his cousin out.

We are so thankful to have family so close (four hours away) and are eager to visit them in Orlando next month! We love you guys!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Love to See the Temple

One thing I absolutely loved about living in Atlanta was attending church on temple grounds; our church backed up to the temple. There's a sacred feeling near a temple. Admittedly, I took it for granted after awhile. Now the closest temple is four hours away, and I am so sad. Our last family home evening in Georgia was spent on the temple grounds. Here are some pictures.

I hope to see Eddie heading to the temple many times in his life.

Gazing at Angel Moroni.

the hill in front of the temple

If you live near a temple, don't take it for granted. GO! And, pray for a temple in Tallahassee, too!