Friday, February 26, 2010

What Eddie Said

Upon receiving his plate of food at lunchtime, Eddie said, "This looks so good; I might even eat it!".

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Eddie Said

Eddie: Mom, tell me a choke (joke).
Me: Okay. Why did the chicken cross the road?
Eddie: Why?
Me: To get to the other side.
Eddie: Mom! That isn't a choke! Chokes are supposed to be funny!
Me: Eddie, you are right. That isn't very funny.
I proceeded to make a funny noise, to which Eddie laughed and laughed.
Eddie: Mom, that's a good choke!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grandma's and Grandpa's Visit

My parents came for a visit. They were at our house from February 5 through the 9. They then went to my brother's, William, house in Georgia. We went there over the weekend, as well. Eddie and Peter both warmed up to my parents very quickly. This picture of my mom reading to them was taken within two or three hours of their arrival! Very fun!

We took them on a little hike. Eddie and Peter loved running on this bridge. I think my mom did, too! Peter loved running right into Eddie and giving him a hug!

One of my favorite parts of the trip (besides just knowing my parents were here!) was going to a movie with Ben. It was our second movie without children since becoming parents, and it was the first time we felt really, really comfortable being away from our children. It almost felt like the old days when we didn't have to worry about kids while we were out having fun.

My dad was pretty tickled that Peter let my dad tickle him and even hold him by the end of the trip. I was pretty tickled that Peter calls my dad "Dad". I guess it makes sense because I call him "Dad" and Eddie calls him "Grandma's Daddy". It didn't seem to bother Peter that he has two people to call "Dad".

My mom and Eddie made cookies together on the last day. Eddie wouldn't let me take a picture. I stayed out of the kitchen so it could be a time for just them. Eddie said to me, "Mom! Since I am doing such a good job helping Grandma, can you not help us?". He was so excited that I wasn't going to help. It was fun to hear Eddie helping my mom find all the things they needed. It was really nice to eat cookies my mom had made!
When we went to Will's house we got to meet his new son, Casey. So cute and calm! Seiously, that baby makes having a newborn look EASY!

We got to celebrate Kyle's and Jeremy's birthdays. Eddie and Peter are excited about this present. Ben couldn't care less! ;) (See Ben fell asleep during present opening time.)
We got the be there for Casey's blessing, which was really special!

We are eager to see Will's family again next weekend. Unfortunately, it will be the last time in a long time as they are moving back to Utah(no more family close by). We are excited to see my parents and the rest of our family soon as we are going to Utah for Ben's spring break! Wohoo!