Monday, April 28, 2008

April 21-28, 2008

We are moving on to weekly posts here at Mel's Mind. Ben is on the computer every second he is home (thesis, etc.). If Ben is gone, Eddie is way too dangerous around the computer these days. Here are some highlights from the past week.

Isn't there some sort of saying about the "cat's pajamas"? Eddie's friend, Kat, left her pajamas at our house, and Eddie is in love with them! He loves to wear them around his neck, hold them, and even sleep with them!! I am not sure if he is manifesting early signs of a crush or if he just really loves Kat's jam-jams!

We received three packages this week-a "party-in-a-box" in celebration of Peter from Ben's family. Eddie loves playing in the biggest box with the packing peanuts! It has been a lot of fun (and a lot of mess!).

Eddie has found a new place he likes to sit-on the blanket box. He looks so cute and sweet in this photo. Notice that he's holding Kat's pajamas!

Eddie had to get glasses! I guess it was inevitable since both his Mom and Dad wear glasses. We wish it hadn't happened at such a young age, though. We purchased two pair. Cast your vote as to which one he looks better in!

Eddie's favorite games of the week:

spraying the hose at the car wash station at our apartment

and diving through the boppy. Gearing up for a "fast" jump!

coming through!

In Peter news, we are still pregnant. As of last Tuesday, I was dilated to a five (halfway there). My midwife told me that if I am at a six by next Tuesday (tomorrow), she won't let me go home "because it's too dangerous to be running around Atlanta at a six!". I guess the concern is that if I go into labor, I may not make it to the hospital on time (especially with the traffic here!). I have had some serious contractions on and off this past week, so I wouldn't be surprised if we had this baby tomorrow/Wednesday. However, I am not really planning on it. Knowing me, I have slowed down and will have to wait until Monday. His birth is inevitable sometime this upcoming week, though!

We do have a new baby in our family! Abigail Kristine was born on Wednesday, April 23, to my brother, Brent, and sister-in-law, Shanda. She is the first of three babies due in our family in a two-and-a-half week period! She is beautiful! She is Eddie's fourth cousin on my side of the family. I can't wait to see her (good for us she is moving to Florida for the summer in a couple of weeks!)!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Highlights From the Week

Eddie discovered that he likes to walk around the house without being able to see. Blangees (blankets) are good for this purpose, but simply closing his eyes works.

I got my pre-baby haircut (my first haircut since before Eddie was born!!). I only cut five inches because I wanted to keep it long. It is not a great picture, but, there you go, Amanda and Joni! You can tell I am pregnant!

Eddie discovered that he loves his sunglasses!

I was given a baby shower for little Peter! It is so great to be this loved!

Ben and I left Eddie for the first time ever. We took a tour of the hospital Peter will be born at. Such a romantic first date!

We found out Ben got accepted to Florida State for the Fall, so, Tallahassee, here we come! The nice thing is the move will be fairly simple, as it is only four and a half hours from here.

I found out I am dilated between a three and a four. I am 80 percent effaced. If Peter isn't born before May 5, I will be induced that day! Two weeks away!! Yeah!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Eddie the Actor

If Eddie grows up to be an actor, we have his illustrated scriptures to thank. He loves acting out what the characters are doing in the pictures. Here are a few highlights.


"I can't speak!" (hee, hee)


hhmmmm head!!

I am so angry!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Eddie "Airplay"

Eddie is really into pretending now. He likes to push a kitchen chair over so it is laying down, then hold onto the legs and pretend he is riding a "hor" (horse). He loves to put on the oven mitt and run around the house having the "shawk" (shark) bite. Most recently, he flies everything around in the air saying it is an "airplay". So he loves Dad's new game with him "Eddie Airplane".

Nee Nee Songs

These pictures are old at this point(Feb 24), but I have been meaning to post them and can't pass up the opportunity. Eddie loves singing and has been singing "nee nee"(nursery) songs since the end of February (he began out of the blue with just a couple of words and actions and very quickly can do a lot more). Here are a few pictures of him doing the actions from his favorite songs.

The wise man built his house upon a rock

And the rain came tumbling down.

Jesus wants Eddie for a sunBEAM (which someone has become a sunBEEP over the past month).

I looked out the window and what did I see?

He can do all of the actions for every song now. He can sing the last word of each line of each song. His favorite songs are "Rock" and "Pockcorn" (and often requests a medley of these songs-he really just keeps telling you to switch which song your singing; you can't even get through one line of each before you have to move to the next one), though he is really into "Doing" ("Do as I'm Doing") lately; he likes that it goes "fast". For the same reason, he loves Ben to sing "Popcorn Popping" really fast (he doesn't like when I do it; I guess I am not fast enough). He goes through phases where we non-stop have to sing "stories" ("Book of Mormon Stories"); he is so cute when he puts one finger up behind his head for the Lamanite part. His favorite non-"chitch" (church) song is "baby bumblee bee" (he loves doing the "oww" part-when the bee stings). The first song he sang all by himself (that we could identify) was "Once There Was a Snowman" (he only knew the words "tall" and "small", but he had the tune down and the words he substituted sounded similar to the real words). He asks to sing all day long. We love our little singer (and I really wish we had a camcorder or a camera that recorded sound!!!)!