Monday, September 21, 2009

Move to Tally for the big bugs!

Don't you wish you lived here and could have flies this size hanging out by your front door?

Two Spoons

Peter decided to eat his oatmeal with two spoons simultaneously.
It did get confusing.
But he had fun!

Shower Curtain

Peter loves to get wrapped up in the shower curtain. He is so cute!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What Eddie Said

Eddie: Mom, do you remember when we looked at that dirty magazine with all those dirty pictures? Do you remember that, Mom?

He's referring to Oriental Trading's Halloween catalog. It had lots of scary and gross-looking products.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

FHE Crowns

For Family Home Evening last week we made crowns. Then we each got a turn to sit in the white chair and listen to the other members of our family tell us what they love about us. It was so sweet to hear Eddie tell Peter that he loves that he's walking now. We all got some pretty special hugs. I couldn't resist putting up these cute pictures.Peter put the sticker on his crown. He loves playing with stickers.
You can see in Eddie's eyes that he feels pretty special.

Peter the Unscape Artist and Hide-and-Seek Expert

Peter seems to have a special love for escaping (unscaping, in Eddie terms) from his diaper changes. He runs away and hides usually behind a chair, the couch, or the side of my bed. He sits and waits for me to come find him. He just giggles and giggles. He loves hiding in general and will stay patiently in a hiding spot until I find him. Finding him once isn't enough, though. He likes to be found again and again and again.

First Haircut

Peter had his first haircut on August 22. I was tired of his hair always looking out of control, so I cut it. He sat on Ben's lap, eating treats and never cared that I was cutting his hair. Now his hair is shorter, but it still always looks crazy! I learned that he must have some sort of a callic at the center of his head. Those hairs always stand straight up. At least it's not in his eyes anymore, though!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Peter's Word List

  • Bob (Bob the Builder) (8/09)
  • Emo (Elmo) (8/09)
  • Duh-Duh (Dora-the repeated "D" sound from the theme song) (8/09)
  • eyes (Peter's favorite word-the one he says the most ; he says it as he points to his eyes and then our eyes) (8/09)
  • da da
  • ma
  • uh (uh-oh) (no longer used 5/09)
  • i (hi)
  • teers (cheers) (5/1/09)
  • sh (fish) (5/09)
  • out (5/09) (now means "I want" 6/09)
  • ight (light)(5/09)
  • done (6/09)
  • on (6/09)
  • all done (7/09)
  • do (dog) (7/09)
  • ju (jump) 7/09
  • dan (dance) 7/09
  • us (bus) 7/09
  • 'ot (hot) (8/09)
  • ball (8/09)
  • bir' (bird) (8/25/09)