Saturday, June 18, 2011

Firestation Play

Creegan spends a lot of time playing at the firestation these days. He is the only child in the family that plays with it. He likes to try to get that bell in his mouth. On this particular day he got away from me after his bath.I love that you can see that Creegan has hair after his baths; it's all fuzzy looking.

Eddie wanted to be in a picture with Creegan, and I love, love, love it!

Making a face/eating a toy

I love that bum and those ten perfect toes!

Eddie is being the Green Goblin. He is posing that he is going to throw that booster chair at Creegan. Luckily he is not really going to throw it, though if Creegan were Peter I am pretty sure Eddie would actually throw the chair (all in the name of play, of course).


I love seeing Peter's hand on Creeg's in this one.

These pictures are from the first time Creegan pulled himself up to a standing position. It was on June 8. All those smiles you see in the pictures are for yours truly. He was proud of himself because we were proud of him. Now he pulls himself up to standing all the time, especially on my legs when he wants me to pick him up.

Memorial Day

I've decided to stop being choosy with the photos I put up. I will put up every picture I love, especially since my posts will mainly be pictures now. Ben took these photos. As you can see, he is a much better photographer than me. He's just done a more thorough job of figuring out the camera.

This Creegan kid is so beautiful!

He sure loves his mama!

I love this picture because you can see that Peter just watches Eddie and does everything he does!

Brothers! Handsome brothers, at that!

Feeding the turtles goldfish crackers.

The geese took over for the turtles. I love that you can see Peter pointing at a goose.

I love pictures of Eddie and Peter together. Once again, Peter is following Eddie.

Can you believe I have a son this big?!?! He will be FIVE in a couple of weeks!!

Peter is so handsome! His eyes and smile are astonishingly beautiful!

Peter has never liked swings, so I am surprised he got on this and seemed to enjoy it.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Creeg Pics

Some May pictures of CreeganHe now sits in his booster seat during breakfast so he can eat with us. He often chews on his fingers, possible coming teeth? This picture was his first time in his seat.

Creegan loves to jump while standing on our laps, but he isn't often happy in his johnny-jump-up. This picture was his first time in it.

Now that Creegan is mobile, he gets into all sorts of things. For example he literally got in to this floaty.
One day I found Creegan in the bathroom, foot up on the toilet, chewing on Eddie's toothbrush (which Eddie had left on the floor).