Monday, June 30, 2008

Edison's Second Year, In Pictures

Since Eddie turns two this week, it is time to take a look back at the past year and see how much he has grown!

July-my baby turned one!
August-he's fascinated with shoes!
September-he survived a serious car accident (notice his neck injury) and he loves fans!
October-he loves pretending to lock and unlock doors!
November-he loves to run to us!
December-he loves to sit in his chair and begins to show interest in watching movies!
January-he learned about blowing out candles!
February-he's becoming slightly less timid and is willing to try new things!
March-he loves to play in baskets!
April-he picked up reading, pretend reading, anyway!

May--he became a big brother and learned to fake smile for a picture!

June-he pretends everything he can stand on is a skateboard and loves watching skateboarders (including water skateboarders, a.k.a. surfers)

Monday, June 23, 2008


Last week we took Eddie swimming for the first time this year. Actually it was the first time Ben has been swimming with Eddie.

At first Eddie didn't like the idea of getting in the water, so we spent some time splashing from the side of the pool.

Finally he was ready to get in and so happy about it.

He enjoyed sprinkling water on Ben

and floating on his back. He called it sleeping. He would repeatedly and excitedly exclaim "woah!" as he began to float.

He hated the leaves floating in the water and would freak out if they got near him. He called the water dirty.

Proof that Peter was there. He was content in his stroller. I'm excited for his first swim!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Growth & Beds

Check out Peter's growth!
Peter in his bed on May 4.

Peter in his bed on June 14.

He has much more room in this bed! However, it's still used by Eddie and will be until Eddie climbs out of it (I'm not up to the challenge of trying to get E to stay in a regular bed. Why mess with what works?). My plan is to keep Peter in the bassinet until he weighs too much for it, then put him in the pack and play to sleep.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Smiles' Smiles

Peter's first smiles caught on camera. Of course, you can never catch the best ones!

So adorable! And such happy eyes!

He often does these one-sided smiles! So cute!

Bathrobe Pics

Some cute pictures of Peter after his bath.

You can tell he is smiling at me.

I'm sorry, little guy! I was trying to get him to stick out his tongue.

He opened his mouth because I opened mine.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Edison's Nicknames
Eddie B (his middle initial)
Edj, Edjamin, Edjamin Bedison (which came about by mixing his first and middle names, Edison Benjamin)
Eddie Spaghetti, Edja Spaghedja
Mistery Mu (pronounced moo)
Hans, Hansy (short for Handsome, mainly used when he was a baby)
Buggaboo, Bugga, Boo
Lovesbugs, Bugs (started as lovebug and just evolved)
Buttercup (only used when telling him to stand up)

Peter's Nicknames
Petery, Petery Poo
Peter Pipsqueak (only Ben uses this one)
Pete (has been used, but rarely, to our surprise)
Peter Pumpkin Eater (at least his grandpa called him this while he was here)
Smiles (This is probably what I call him the most, next to Peter.)
Happy Eyes
Baby Boy
Honey, Honey Bee, Honey Bear

I'm sure more will evolve over time.

Monday, June 09, 2008

May 31-June 7, 2008

One day, more than four months ago, I put this blanket on as a cape and ran up and down the hall for Eddie. Eddie found this blanket, remembered the game, and wanted to play it himself! I can't believe what a good memory he has!

I took this picture of my boys "together". Ever since, Eddie has been saying "together" every time we are all together (or even when he is doing something with one of us, like when he and Ben were dancing). He also likes to put at least two of any of his toys next to each other and announce "together".

We were given a double stroller that we absolutely love! I didn't think I would really care about having one. Eddie loves riding in it, which is wonderful because he doesn't like to ride in his stroller anymore. Peter seems content in it, as long as we aren't going over any bumps!

Peter is now one-month-old. He is still a really calm baby, though he does have fussy times now (usually 9 to 11 p.m. and varied times throughout the day). He started smiling last week. He smiles a lot! On his second day of smiling, he smiled at me nine times in the course of less than five minutes!!! He doesn't need us to make him smile, though. Often I look up at him and find him grinning all on his own accord. He is a really happy little boy! He brings a lot of happiness to me and our family!

Brothers holding hands during a double diaper change. Eddie loves holding Petery's hand!

Eddie cracking me up with his fake pouty faces. Too bad the real ones aren't as funny.

Edison loves to scrunch up his face like this while he's chewing.

First time to use sidewalk chalk. A while after we were done, Eddie told me it was fun.

First time to wear a belt!

Peter must be growing because his coming-home outfit looks kind of tight on him now!

Peter is now looking at things and seems very interested in mobiles (or baby boy decor, whatever is hanging above him). Note: Peter usually sits on the table in order to be out of easy reach of his big brother.

Look at those big eyes! So cute!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

May 25-30, 2008

Starting to get out. Made it to the lake, grocery store, play group (w/o Ben! so empowering!), library, park, and church (that was hard with two kids and only one of me!) this week! I just couldn't stand being at home anymore, neither could Edison!

Peter is starting to look more like himself, less like every newborn and newborn Eddie even.

Peter likes his swing but not as much as Eddie likes it. It's his new favorite toy!

E likes corn on the cob but only eats it like a duck (no hands).

Peter is just so dang cute! He recognizes and responds to my voice now, and it just makes me love him so much more!