Monday, October 25, 2010

What Peter Said

Peter: Mommy, say, "I love your smiles!".

I do love your smiles, Peter!!!!

Cute Little Costumed Boys

Menacing and adorable! Mama loves it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Havana Pumpkin Festival

The highlights of the pumpkin festival were the firetruck,wearing real oxygen masks

and real fireman hats,
and the train ride!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ben's Birthday Cake

Ben turned 32 on October 7. On Thursday, the morning of his birthday, he opened seven presents, two of which were legitimate (the rest were toys Eddie had had me wrap). On Friday night Ben and I went out on a birthday date. This was the first time we've gone on a date for one of our birthdays. This was also the first time since having children that we went to both dinner and a movie on a date (although we didn't take the time to go to a real restaurant; we got chinese to go). On Sunday we made a special birthday dinner and cake. Ben once again selected an applesauce cake recipe he found online; he always wants applesauce cake like his grandma used to make. The problem is no one knows her recipe. This was the best applesauce cake we've made, but it wasn't great. Apparently it wasn't like grandma's. These are the only birthday pictures we took this year. Happy birthday, Ben! We love you!

Muscle Boys

Look at my muscle-y boys! They love showing off how strong they are!

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Our boys LOVE to sing and dance, and they are so stinkin' cute doing it! Eddie is of course posing for the camera with his classic tongue-out pose. Peter is in mid-move, utilizing a battery as a microphone. I love my boys and have a lot of fun watching them.

First Pumpkin Patch of the Season

A church nearby does a pumpkin patch each year. Every Saturday they have face painting (whic my kids won't do), a bouncy pirate ship (which Peter won't do), games, and pony rides all for free. We took advantage today, and Eddie is hoping we will go back again this year. He really wants to do another pony ride!
Peter was trying to get away, so this is the best picture we got. I don't know why it's so hard to get a picture of three people, but it is. Hence the old picture on the sidebar on this blog. I have no clue where Eddie learned about peace signs or why he is doing one in this picture. Maybe he's trying to do bunny ears!? I have no idea where kids pick up on all the standard things, but they do!
Eddie was picking out the perfect pumpkin for carving "just for pretends" since he knew we weren't buying a pumpkin today.
It's hard to not get beautiful pictures in pumpkin patches, with all the orange and the sunlight.
We waited in a long line for the pony rides; I was fairly certain that one or both kids would chicken out, but they didn't. Peter couldn't stop smiling the whole time! He loved, loved, loved it!
Eddie was nervous at first, worried he would fall off. But he enjoyed it. I was walking around with Peter, who was on the horse in front of Eddie. Every time Eddie and I looked at each other, he gave me a cute little finger-wiggling wave. He didn't want to let go of the horse.
E and P got balloon swords, which they also waited in a long line for while I was in the pony line. Notice that Eddie is wearing his shirt backwards today. He asked me if some people do this and decided he wanted to try out this fashion style. He chose his pajama shirt, so he could be "comfy". Of course he topped the outfit off with black socks (which he pointed out were matching each other-sometimes he opts for one white sock and one black sock if he can't find matching socks) and his boots. I loves that he dresses himself and tries things that sound interesting to him.
Peter loved the "crows" at the patch. He was so excited to get his picture taken with one.

What a fun day, though I wish I hadn't gotten a sunburn.