Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peter Update

Peter is so much fun! Here are some cute pictures!

He loves to sit up on the couch.

He only has eyes for Eddie. All the cute smiles you see in the pictures are for Eddie. I am no competition!

He sleeps in his own bed (pack 'n' play) in his own room (which he shares with his big brother!). I am so impressed with myself, but mainly with him and Heavenly Father because I had nothing to do with it. Eddie slept with us til he was almost one! Peter usually sleeps all by himself from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.! When he wakes up at 5, I bring him to our bed; he stays there til morning. I love it!

He is so handsome!

He is so much fun to play with! He laughs at almost anything you do with him, so everything is a blast!

He is really good at grabbing and holding things. He uses both hands to manipulate objects, as you can see.

As of Sunday, he rolls over. From his back to his stomach. He can only go to his left so far. These pictures are from his very first time!

Peter is just so much fun! Our home is definitely a happier place because he is in it! We love him so much!

Our Big Move

The big move went really well. We were so blessed. Here are some pictures of how Eddie spent his time while I was packing.

He helped empty our water storage.

He spent a lot of time hanging out in the stroller.

Of course he loved playing in all the boxes and with all the packing supplies.

He composed and performed a few musical numbers.

And encouraged Peter to do the same.

He played video games.

And, of course, he was a big fan of the moving truck!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Brothers on the Hotel Bed

We went to Tallahassee last weekend to find a place to live. Peter had his first stay at a hotel, which Eddie termed the "hotel house". They both did really well. We were impressed! And they are just so cute together!

First Swimming

Peter went swimming for the first time. He was immediately so relaxed by the water. He fell asleep really quickly! So sweet!

Tallest Tower

Eddie's tallest tower to date-15 blocks!

Popsicle Sticks

I found these great mini-sized popsicles (E calls them "posicle sticks"). I get one out for him and one out for me each time. Eddie is adamant we will share them, which means he gets to hold both of them and eat them at his leisure. Of course, he doesn't ever have more than a couple of licks, and I have to eat them quickly when they are drippy messes!