Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

We celebrated Christmas at our house on December 16, as we were leaving for Utah on the 17th. When Eddie woke up that morning we told him that Santa had come in the night. He refused to leave his room for 15 minutes because he was nervous. Ben eventually got him to come out by telling him Santa had brought candy. Then Eddie ran to the living room. He spent quite awhile just eating candy. That night when I asked him his favorite part of Christmas, he said, "maybe the candy". He still talks about Santa coming to bring us candy.

Eddie's biggest reaction, an excited squeal, was for this dinosaur he found in his stocking.

Eddie loved all of his presents. Mom and Dad thought it was pretty cool that Santa brought him a toy with his name on the packaging ("Eddie and his Boulder Worksite"). Now Eddie loves playing with the two Little People that came with this toy, Eddie and Kevin (Mom made up Kevin's name, though she tried to change it to Peter a second after she said Kevin. It didn't stick, though.)
Peter was interested in the tags on the gifts. He was semi-interested in wrapping paper, but he didn't really do any unwrapping of his own.

He was most interested in random things on the floor, like water bottles.

Peter loved oranges!

Peter did love to kiss the gloworm he received.

We had a really merry Christmas, complete with a McDonald's breakfast and a Chick-fil-a dinner. Afterall we were packing to go out of town, too!

Highlights from our Utah Trip

Temple Square
seeing high school friends-I especially remember the good ol' days with Kennedy. She always had a pacifier in her mouth back then, too.
or was it a highlight?
the doggy door; Eddie used a little shovel to get things from outside
drinking Grandma's yummy hot chocolate out of a shot glass
eating little boxes of cereal that Santa brought
Eddie loved these Cars boots at Grandma's house; he has asked to fly on an airplane, which he hated, just so he could get these boots! Sorry, Eddie, no need for boots in Florida!

With Some of Our Favorite People

our whole family!
with Grandma-I love how he's leaning his elbow on her leg
so happy with cousin Hunter-I love how their feet are against each other
so unhappy with cousin Hunter
with Aunt Khrystine
with Uncle Mark and cousin Abby (Mark should have twins!)
so happy with Grandpa
playing with Uncle Kaleb's face
playing cars and lids with Uncle Tom

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alteration to the Nativity Story

On Christmas Eve I told Eddie the story of Christ's birth using our nativity set as a prop. He was an intent listener. When I told him that the wise men wanted to find the baby Jesus and give him presents, he quickly took Jesus from the stable and put him by the wise men. He was being helpful, not realizing that the wise men had to follow the star to find the Savior. Very sweet.

First Candy Canes

Both of my boys experienced their first candy canes this Christmas season. We let Eddie eat one as we were decorating our tree. He loved it, and within a few days all the candy canes within his reach disappeared from the tree.
Peter took the liberty of getting himself a candy cane from off the tree. I didn't stop him because I didn't think he could get it open, but he proved me wrong and was very upset when I took it away!

Gingerbread House

We made a gingerbread house again this year. Unfortunately Peter missed out on the fun as it was late in the evening. We look forward to his help next year. We had a lot of fun and will keep this tradition going at our own house next year!
getting ready
eager and excited
What a sweet face!
silly picture of our adorable boy snitching candy

Eddie came up with the idea of putting the stars along the center of the roof, and he did the work all by himself. Very creative!
admiring his handiwork
the finished product, which Eddie said "it is sooo bootiful" about again and again

O Christmas Tree

We bought a Christmas tree this year. Eddie was so excited to get home and build the tree.
Though Peter was under foot during the whole project, he never once touched the tree that first day. He spent much of his time eating tags we had cut off the tree, though!

I love the look of wonder on Eddie's face.
Peeking around the tree.
Eddie loved laying under the tree. He even had me read him books under the tree!

See how close to each other all these ornaments were hung!

Eddie was pretty sad we didn't have a star for the top. It surprised me that he knew that was common. We had so much fun with our Christmas tree!

"Eddie" is spelled....

Eddie wrote "Eddie" on the fridge. I guess I will need to practice spelling his name his way!

Silly Eddie

Eddie thinks he is so funny when he chooses to wet his hair in the sink. Yet, he still won't let me pour water on his head in the bathtub! Pictures taken December 12.

Laundry Basket

Peter loves being in the laundry basket.Swinging in it....Picture taken November 14.
...and sitting in it! Picture taken December 3.


Pictures taken December 2.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

William's Home!

Welcome home to my sweet, little brother, William, who returned last Thursday from his first (I'm praying last) deployment. He left October, 2007, and wasn't scheduled to return until January, 2009. I am so happy to know he is home with his family. And, I am so happy his home is still four and a half hours from ours! I can't wait to see him in January! I love you, Will! I am so proud of you!
The picture is from Thanksgiving, 2006.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Wakulla Springs

Brent, Shanda, and Abby came for Thanksgiving. While they were here we went to Wakulla Springs. We took the boat tour. We enjoyed the Fall colors (yes, we are finally experiencing Autumn here!) and perfect, cool weather. Eddie enjoyed showing his new best friend, Brent, every single animal he saw on the tour. Brent acted interested every time! (Isn't Abby adorable?!?)

Afterwards we ate our lunch and bought an icecream cone. Eddie wanted the green one (he loves green!). I would never pick mint chocolate chip, but it was so fun to get the kind he chose. He loved it!

Peter enjoyed some time chillin' in Abby's stroller. My cute little strawberry-blonde boy!

We had a lot of fun with Brent, Shanda, and Abby! We miss them so much already. Luckily we will be home in Utah with them in just over two weeks! I can't believe it!