Monday, May 30, 2011

Peter at Three Years Old

*Peter loves Creegan. He calls him "baby Creegan" or "babe". He is now becoming a little dad to Creeg by taking inappropriate toys from him. The other day I heard him tell Creegan to not play with a cord. When Creeg started playing with it again, Peter said, "Did you not hear me? I said, "Don't play with the cord!"." I wonder where he learned to say that... ;)
*Peter always has bruises and cuts on his arms and legs cuz he falls a lot. He scratches his scabs, so his owwies are always bleeding.
*Eddie is Peter's favorite person. He spends a lot more time talking to Eddie than he does me or anyone else. Whenever I ask him what he's talking about, he tells me he's not talking to me. He watches Eddie and does everything Eddie does.
*Peter's recently become quite a bully to Eddie. He loves to step on his feet or pretend to bite him, anything to work Eddie up. Eddie gets really worked up by this stuff.
*Peter talks so quiet. It's really hard to hear him, especially in the van. Eddie always translates for me, simply because of the volume.
*Peter's recently begun playing with other kids at playgroup and other playdates. He used to always play on his own, but he doesn't always anymore.
*Peter's always been great about going to nursery or having us leave him. He just walks right in without a backwards look and does great until we are with him again.
*Peter is still always pretending he's someone else, usually Spider Man or Iron Man. He doesn't let you get away with calling him Peter.
*Peter loves dipping his food in things, like ketchup, bleu cheese, ranch.
*Peter loves to talk in silly made-up language. He does this with his daddy, mainly "mish, mash mee shoo". Also, "country" is one of his favorite words, though he has no idea what it means. He also says "sim suck" to Creegan all the time.
*Peter's really in to playing trains right now. He also loves to color; he's great for his age.
*Peter recently learned he likes swinging on gliders. He's never liked swings his entire life, not even as a baby.
*Peter is really in to giving kisses right now; he loves kissing me over and over again. He gives the best hugs, and his frequent "I love you"s are so precious to me.
*Peter has always been such a calm, happy boy! I tell him every day that I'm so happy to be his mommy. He replies that he's so happy to be my Peter.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peter's Birthdays

Peter's birth day, May 2, 2008!
Peter turns one, May 2, 2009!!
Peter is two, May 2, 2010!

Peter's Third Birthday

Peter got a birthday package from his Grandma a few days before his birthday. He was so excited to have a package. It had two presents in it; he thought one was for him and the other for Eddie. Sweet boy! Grandma sent Peter some Little People for his birthday; he and Eddie love playing with them. Peter always closes his eyes when he's fake smiling.

Making the funfetti cake.

Tasting the fruit of his labor.

Peter got to open his present from Eddie the night before his birthday. Eddie showed it to him, and I just couldn't make him wait to the next day to open it. He's super excited about his little action figures of the Iron Fist and the Black Spiderman.

We began Peter's birthday at Donut Kingdom, where he got to choose two donuts! He was in heaven rotating bites between his two donuts.

This year we did the birthday decorations the days of Peter's birthday, rather than me doing them the night before. Eddie especially enjoyed decorating. Peter and Eddie loved having balloon fights.

The presents seemed to be a success, I was happy to see. Peter got this Imaginext RoboCop, combining his love for robots and action figures. Unfortunately that door would never stay closed.

I love how every time we told him to hold up a present for us to take a picture he would cover his face with the present and then fake smile. :)

Peter was really excited to get a Woody action figure but immediately asked for Jesse and Woody's horse. Sorry to disappoint, Pete-ch!

I put Peter's cake together and frosted it the day of Peter's birthday, also something I used to always do before the actual day. All of the white frosting was put on by me while I was holding Creegan. I am sure you can't tell. ; ) Peter and Eddie decorated the robot. Eddie insisted it have three eyes; Peter was cool with that.

The finished product

After dinner our friends came over for cake and brought Peter this cool present. You can see how excited Peter is about it; look at that huge smile!!!

He sang "Happy birthday to you", along with the rest of us. He sings it so cute. He never really understood it was his birthday. Every time you'd say happy birthday to him, he would wish us a happy birthday, too. Every present he got, he asked Eddie permission to open; he thought they were all for Eddie. He didn't get it, but he had a fun day!

Blowing out the candles, you could visibly see the spit coming out of his mouth! Yum!

Eating his cake with his hands. He ended up putting his cake on a separate plate from his icecream. He'd selected his own plate, but I had already dished up his cake and icecream on a different plate, so he moved his cake to the plate he had chosen and kept his icecream on his original plate.

We had a really fun birthday! I am so happy this adorable little boy is my son Peter!

Playin' in the Shower

After Eddie's surgery we were instructed to give Eddie showers in order to keep his incisions from getting too wet. Eddie was so scared about showering up until actually taking one. After his first shower he exclaimed he wanted to shower every day after breakfast. He hasn't showered every day, but he hasn't taken a bath since. He loves them! I haven't been able to convince Peter to shower, as well. One day, though, after Peter was done with his bath, he just got into the shower with Eddie. They had a ton of fun. Unfortunately, Peter has been unwilling to shower since.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

C's First Cereal

Creegan tried baby cereal a couple of days after his six month birthday, as we were out of town on his actual six month mark. He seems to have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. I have learned he only likes it if it's mixed with lots of warm water. Even then he won't eat much of it. He doesn't eye table food or want what we are eating. Someday I assume he will want to eat more than breastmilk. Until then I will keep trying baby cereal each day.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Creegan at Six Months

These pictures were taken on May 2 because we were out of town on April 28, which was Creegan's half-birthday. It was hard to get him to hold still. We love having this little boy in our lives, and we love having him be six months old!

"Dis-A-ney World", Take Two

We headed back to Disney World to finish up the final two days of our four day passes. This time we went with a plan and a double stroller!
Eddie and Peter loved the racecars. Look at their intense faces. This is the one ride we went on without Creegan.

My adorable boys!

Peter adores Eddie so much; I love these pictures. They initiate putting their arms around each other.

They were pretending to blast off in to outer space.
The trip was such a success that we want to buy annual passes. We had so much fun!


The best part of our Easter was the birth of Eddie's, Peter's, and Creegan's newest cousin, Caius.
The baskets

The candy tasting

The egg dyeing

Eddie's eggs

Peter's eggs