Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bubble Blowing Boy

Congratulations go out to Eddie who can now blow bubbles by himself! Yeah!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cute Pictures of Peter

Peter looks so big in his swing!

Eddie was playing his own version of "Don't eat Pete!". Peter was calling him a loser, but he was doing it with such a cute smile that no one felt bad!

What an adorable smile my happy boy has!

Waving for the camera!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My boys love movies! Peter is a little skeptical about the premise; he knows bees don't actually talk. Eddie accepts it without a second thought!

We have actually started a fun tradition since Peter joined our family. Friday night is pizza and movie night. I make some kind of pizza (Eddie likes to help) and we eat our pizza on the couch while watching a movie (once we get a nicer couch, we will eat our pizza on a blanket on the floor). We get the movies from the library. We try to get something we think Eddie will like. We have found some really great movies (and some really terrible ones!). We keep the movie for a week, and Eddie (and Peter, if he is laying in sight of the tv) likes to watch a little of it every day. It is nice because we don't have to get too sick of any movie, as we have to "share" with the library (that is what we tell Eddie).

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eddie's Second Birthday Cake

Eddie helped make his birthday cake this year (funfetti-he was excited by the colorful specks!).

He was all set to help frost his own cupcake. After sampling the frosting, he mainly spent frosting time eating his cupcake.

We made a "tac" (cat) cake because Eddie has loved "tacky"s with all of his heart since right around his first birthday.

Proof that I wrote on it; sorry I'm not a perfectionist, Eddie (although I trust you're better off that I'm not)!

Actually, Eddie liked the "numbers" on his cake (all writing is numbers right now).
Look how happy he was!

Trying to blow out the "tangles", but he needed some help. He loved us singing, though. When the song was over, he'd touch my mouth and say "sing more". We sang and blew out the tangles at least five times!

He got a piece with eye and ear.

As soon as he ate the eye on his plate, he grabbed the other eye off the cake.

Such a cute birthday boy!

Proof that Peter was there!

Proud Wife of Ben, Thankful Daughter of God

I just have to take a moment to write how proud I am of Ben and how thankful I am for Heavenly Father. Ben has been working on his thesis for months now. He has been worrying about it for even longer! He had a deadline to turn a draft in yesterday. This past Monday morning he decided to forgo pretty much all he had written already and start over. Last night, five days later, he emailed a 49-page thesis to his advisor! He worked hard, but it couldn't have been done without a lot of tender mercies from Heavenly Father. We imagined this would be a really stressful, negative week, but instead it was a positive week! My testimony about the power of prayer and faith has really increased! We are far from being done with this thesis and all that needs to be done, but we will wake up in Florida one month from today!!! So pray for us! We know it will help!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Peter's Blessing

Yesterday was a special day for our family. Peter was blessed at church, and Eddie turned two! Here are some pics of the blessing boy. He wore the same outfit Eddie wore. It wasn't long enough for Peter; the crotch snaps kept coming undone. The blessing was very sweet and special. Both Ben and I commented that we love Peter more as a result. We are very honored to be the parents of such a stalwart, meek, happy boy!

Look at those adorable, chunky legs!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July, 2008

We went to a park near the park that would be setting off fireworks. We had a picnic.

Eddie would only eat kiwi and licorice.

He loved running around and ran so far away from us. We were surprised. No one else was at this park, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Peter enjoyed laying on the blanket,

as we all did.

We saw our first lightning bugs ever! So cool!

Peter got a great shot of the rest of our family. ;)

And we enjoyed a good "fireplace works" (what Eddie has been calling fireworks) show. When Eddie first saw a glittery firework, he called it a star. After each loud boom, Eddie pointed to an apartment complex near the fireworks and said "noisy house". He was more set on watching that noisy house than the fireworks themselves.

Peter even watched some of the fireworks. Happy Fourth of July!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Eddie at Two Years

Favorite Food-waffles, scrambled eggs, sandwiches (all kinds), pizza, yogurt, fruit snacks, apple juice, muffins, cereal ("beggy"), all things sweet
Favorite Cereal-HoneyComb, Honey Grahams
Favorite Toys-all things kitchen (pots, the oven, wafflemaker, whisks, etc.), plastic eggs, balloons, balls, cars, stuffed animals, umbrellas
Favorite Games-"ploppy" (running and pretending to fall), hide-and-seek (we hide, not him), hot/cold (where he touches us with something he pretends is either really hot or really cold and we have to pretend to be get burned or frozen), blanket (he is a blanket that lays on us then rolls off), ted bear (where we have his bear say hello and then he tackles the bear), spray (he pretends to spray us and then pretends to dry us off), sleep (we pretend to sleep and he screams us awake, or he says "anight", lays down, sits up, says "morngin", then "good nap"), escape (run away from diaper changes, etc.)
Favorite Places to go-lake to feed the ducks, the spray (car wash station) to play with the hose and get us wet, library (loves the carousel horses on display there), skateboard park to watch the skateboarders
Favorite Movies-Surf's Up, Charlotte's Web, Jonah, Baby Songs, Oliver & Company, all Muppet movies (Muppets From Space, especially)
Favorite Songs-Rock (wise man built), Popcorn Popping, Family (together forever)
Favorite Books-Dogs Rule!, Curious Kitties, B is for Bear, Boo to a Goose, Piggies, When I Grow Up
Favorite Animals-horses, sharks, cats
Favorite Colors-blue (the color he says the most often), green (the color he always identifies correctly)
What He Hates-baths, when his sandwiches fall apart, when we say we're going somewhere and we don't leave immediately, when the phone stops ringing before he gets to answer it
What He Likes to do-run, cook/bake (real and pretend), watch movies, dance, pretend to skateboard, watch Youtube videos, pretend to drive the car, hug and kiss Peter, eat toothpaste
What he likes to do that we wish he wouldn't-throw things behind the couch, play with knives, throw things at Peter, play with lamps, "ge' choo" (attack us with whatever he has), throw non-garbage away, turn the dishwasher dial while the dishwasher's running