Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a great day. I feel overwhelmed by all the love that is had for me. I received many calls, messages, cards, and even some thoughtful gifts. I was worried about being so far away from family on this special occasion, but I felt an outpouring of love. I was also worried about being a mom on my birthday. I wondered if the day would feel less special, as I would be doing all the things I normally do. I found the opposite to be true, though. It was really neat to share my birthday with my son. I found myself wondering where he had been all my other birthdays.

Here are some highlights from the celebration.

After Ben was done with school, he took me to Jason's Deli for dinner. Eddie sat in a high chair and smiled and played the whole time. He has never been willing to sit in a high chair at a restaurant before.

Eddie is feeding me his cheesecake fingers. Ben made me this cheesecake on Sunday. Very sweet! And nice of Ben, too!

Nathalie, my Georgia friend, had a party for me today, complete with purple streamers, a homemade sign, a delicious lasagna dinner, and this carrot cake she decorated herself! She is so kind and generous.

Thanks for sharing my day with me. I love you all!