Wednesday, May 01, 2013


 In honor of Peter's fifth birthday tomorrow, I am posting some pictures of Peter at three years old that show off his unique, cute personality!  I love my Peter sooo much!

 Peter is so handsome and has beautiful smiles!

 Peter has happy eyes when he smiles big; they become small crescent moons.

 See those eyes!  Peter loves donuts!

Peter likes smalls spaces and has beautiful eyes.

Peter always does things his own way!  
Peter is sensitive to light, like Eddie, but Peter is also sensitive to temperature.  He is always so cold at restaurants that he needs to be snuggled; he does not want to be outside when it's hot-even the walk to and from the car is miserable for him.  

 Peter always looks to Eddie as his leader, and Peter has beautiful smiles!

Peter is always silly!

I can't imagine life without this boy!!

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mudderbear said...

I love those boys. Just want you to know that.